Instrumentation and Controls

Instrumtation and Controls is one of the five topics on our B.O.M.A. Certification. This is one of the core areas all Certified Engineers should excel in.
These courses cover pneumatics, direct digital control, building automation, instrument systems, and other related systems. We can go through a general overview or go deep into one specific topic.

Objectives in a BOMA prep course.
Identify the components of a pneumatic and DDC system
Describe the different types of HVAC systems
Discuss types of sensors
Explain comfort
Discuss building controls

Handouts and Information

If you are interested in studying for the BOMA exam, here are some of the materials that may help you prepare.

Instrumentation Practice Quiz
Instrumentation Diagrams
Instrumentation Notes

Humididty and Moisture Handbook


BOMA Certified Engineer

EPA 608 Refrigeration
Universal Refrigerant Cert.

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Including OSHA, CPR...

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