On-site Training Available

We have an extensive onsite training program. Any of our courses or certifications are available at your job-site at no cost for contributing employers. We provide one-hour or two-hours outreach training at the employer’s facility. We provide training in the subjects specified by the employer, covering mechanical subjects, and tenant relations, including the one-hour safety training needed to be in compliance with OSHA standards. All of the following classes can be formatted to 1-hour presentations.

List of some subjects offered on-site as short seminars.

Instrumentation and Control
Aerial Lifts
Forklift / Industrial trucks
Industrial Ergonomics
Disaster Site Worker
Programmable Logic Controllers
Respirator / Fit-tests
Cooling Tower Water Treatment
Chiller Water Treatment
Water Balance
Air Balance
Plant Operations
Centrifugal pumps
Plumbing Systems
Basic electricity
Electrical Troubleshooting
Motor Controls and Troubleshooting
Advanced Systems Troubleshooting
Refrigeration Controls
Refrigeration Troubleshooting
Boiler Controls
Ice Machine Controls and Troubleshooting
Sweating and Brazing
Pipe Threading
Water Treatment Theory
Boiler Water Treatment
Arc Flash
Variable Speed Drives
Confined Space

Pool Chemistry
Broiler Troubleshooting (oven)
Pneumatic Controls
Multi-Meter Types and Safe Operation
Hydraulic Controls
Kitchen Gas Safety
Instruments and Safety
Sexual Harassment
Industrial Hygiene
Fall Protection
Hearing Protection
Respiratory Protection
Flush Valves
Auto Faucets
Faucet Repairs
Waterless Urinals
Door and Hardware Maintenance
Master Keying
Irrigation Systems
CCTV Systems
Fire Sprinkler Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Drain Cleaning
Sump Pump Controllers
Pressed Plumbing Fittings
Fire Pump Controllers
Low Consumption Plumbing Fixtures
Motor Maintenance Meggering
Lighting Basics and Efficiency

Additionally, we will do our best to accommodate any specific training needs and/or requests. If you would like to book any on-site course or need additional information, please email JATC-LAInfo@local501.org. We can also be reached via telephone at 213-385-2889 x 115 or x 116.


BOMA Certified Engineer

EPA 608 Refrigeration
Universal Refrigerant Cert.

More Certifications
Including OSHA, CPR...

On-Line Classes:

For Credit
These courses improve your skills as an engineer and can earn you hours and/or credits.

These classes are great sources of information but do not give you hours or credits.